'Uncertainty' Is Killing Your Financial Future -- You Can Fix It, I'm Certain

You're financial future is being attacked, and, it may sound dramatic, but IF you can rid yourself of uncertainty it will not only change your life over the next 30 years but also your day-to-day tomorrow.

Listen below to hear the latest More Than Money podcast as we have an honest look at the financial future you may face.


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How Do You Fight Through Uncertain Times?


We talk about finding certainty a lot, but it became more real over the past weeks...


Uncertain Political Changes -  What impact will the person elected have on our country's future? Has your Facebook newsfeed looked like WWIII? People are afraid during this time of uncertainty and it isn't pretty. 


Uncertainty About the Market - When will the fed raise interest rates? Is the next recession right around the corner? Help.


Uncertainty About Your Job - Certainly a case by case basis, but what is your job security? Will you, or could you, be affected by government regulations? 


Uncertainty About The Weather - We've just witnessed the devastating impact of storms raging across the coast line as it has torn apart communities and displaced families.


Uncertainty About War - What will the rising tensions in Russia and North Korea eventually lead to for our country?


You Can See Why Uncertainty Is On My Mind


Here's a fact about uncertainty you need to know:

Uncertainty deadens your dreams.


Fear caused by uncertainty forces you to focus on the "now" and pull your perspective away from the future. 

I know you can find certainty... And, I've Seen it over and over again for my clients.


Here's What Is Possible For You


You can find certainty through being intentional about the things you CAN control.

... please read that one more time: "being intentional about the things you can control."

You can control your financial plan and how it works in the midst of the uncertainty in everything we've listed. If you take the right steps you can awaken your dreams.

You control if you take the steps to gain certainty.


A strong financial plan is how you grab control.


Having a plan doesn't just change the way you will live in 30 years, it changes the way you live today.


It's Time to Look Forward and Dream


Let's look at your situation and make a plan that gives you confidence in your future.