Where Is The Best Place to Save Disposable Income & Get The Best Results?

Your questions get answered! Listen as Chris provides direction to Annita seeking advice on her savings strategy. 

We love to answer questions from texts, emails, and meetings with people wanting to reach their retirement dreams. 

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Where is the best place to save disposable income?


You want to save more for the future.

Where is the best place to put your money to get the best results?

Well... don't be mad (I give practical tips below - I promise).... every situation is different. Annita, I'm happy to answer your questions about your situation if you follow-up to the email I sent back to you. We will work it out. For everyone else...


Here are some principles that apply to any savings strategy

Everyone can start with these three principles as a beginning to develop their long-term savings plan:

  1. Maximize the match on your 401k 

  2. Put funds into a Roth IRA

  3. Consider opening a brokerage account 

Sometimes it's not that easy... right? Maybe your situation feels different. There's a good chance it is.

Do you have a question about your specific savings plan? Let's talk about it.

I'd love to answer your questions with honest feedback and advice at no cost.