Honestly, Your Financial Future Probably Isn't Going To Work Out

You're financial future will not be okay unless you make a plan. It won't "just work out."

Listen below to hear the latest More Than Money podcast as we have an honest look at the financial future you may face.


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Winning With The NEW Financial Rules


Today's financial world isn't the same as your grandparents, or even mom and dad's reality. It is very different and you have to be more intentional about your finances today than ever before.

Most people today are being fooled into thinking it's going to be the same for us as generations past. They're W R O N G !


Now, your future success is based on what you save, how you save and where you save it!



What Is Stopping You? But, Really...


I believe it's worth a little bit of time and intentionality to take control of your financial future. And you probably agree, but still haven't done it. What is stopping you from taking the next step towards creating a financial plan?


Is it time?

Sure, you have to make it a priority at some point.


Is it cost?

We've just rewrote the concept of financial planning so now good financial planning is available to all.


Is it avoidance?

Ouch. This one feels too real. Let's just move on.


Is it trust?

How can you give your money to a planner you've never met?


Is it confidence?

Some of you feel like you don't need any help, and you may be right. But isn't it worth getting a second opinion.



Clearly, Something Has to Change


You have to have a clear target for your financial dreams of the future, or, sorry to be brutally honest, it's not going to work out.



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