Winter Is Coming: The Market Crash Is 100% Certain

I've never said it, but now I'm ready. People ask me all the time about the market and when/if I believe it will crash. The answer is simple.

Listen below to hear when the market will crash.

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The market is going to crash and Yes you can and need to do something about it.


Every client asks me about the market crash. When? How? Why? 

I'll say it.

100%. We are headed for a crash. Without a doubt.


The market is going to crash and there are actually indicators that show we are in a pretty uncertain time.

FOR EXAMPLE: This week I read The Fed is on the verge of civil war. 



What If The Market Crash Happens... Next Tuesday


Well today you are in a unique position to prepare for that. Honestly.

Yes, you can prepare to overcome the drop in just one week and come away stronger because of it.


Maybe You're Like Joan...


I ran an MRI test with Joan that evaluated her risks over the past 40 years.

Joan was invested well, but was very aggressive. She would lose quite a lot if the market were going to crash. We fixed it.


But, how did we fix it?


First, we didn't pull her out. But, we did adjust her levels of aggression.


Do you know the level of aggressiveness in your portfolio?


It's easy to adjust your aggression to be right for your strategy. I would love to share with you exactly how I lead my clients through that process and evaluation. Just ask.


Joan knows she can win now, and will actually feel at peace when the crash hits. Maybe soon.


When Are You Going To Take The Next Step Like Joan Did?

If you are thinking you are too busy to evaluate your risk, I want to challenge you to take a step toward giving yourself certainty.

Let's talk about your plan over a free consultation.