My Wife's #1 Frustration With Me (It May Involve Ben & Jerry's)

14 years of marriage is a beautiful thing. I've learned a lot over the years, mostly things my wife has pointed out to me... and out of all of them, this one is her #1 frustration. 

The latest More Than Money podcast shares an honest look into Chris' life, how habits can repeat themselves and what it all has to do with Ben & Jerry's ice cream.


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I'll Put Money On It


If you are in a relationship, you know there are certain things that come back up year after year. I bet (I know) you've had the same argument far too often. 


I'm going to air it out.


My wife's number one frustration with me is that I create plans that aren't sustainable.


Exercise. Sure, I've done paleo... for a few weeks. Then I make one mistake and give up. I can go from Paleo to Ben & Jerry's in no time at all.


Quick Shout Out To My Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough!


It seems my old habits force themselves back into being my same habits.


What Do You Do When Your Financial Habits Fail You?


If your plan isn't sustainable... and you eat the "Ben and Jerry's" of your finances. It won't work long term.


You know this, but it's hard to create and sustain a new habit. This is a story just like a client I helped named Alex.


I met Alex earlier this year, who had just finished a Dave Ramsey class and was passionate to turn his whole life around. Here's the problem: he was flipping from an extreme of never budgeting at all in his life to budgeting every single dollar.


Nothing he was doing was bad. But understanding the extreme flip from habits, however, I asked him the same question I always hear from my wife: "Is this sustainable?"


Eventually it was too much.


He threw his hands up and dropped their financial plan.


I would rather see Alex save $500 a month consistently and be able to stick to it, rather than save $850 and stress himself out to the point of eventually giving up. It's not worth it.



Get A Sustainable Plan That Works For You / Your Money


You don't need to change everything at once.


You need to build health into your life.


Live within a plan that is sustainable.


Realistic consistent savings will always be better than the "Ben and Jerry's plan." (But rarely better than actual Ben & Jerry's... but not much is.)


I would love to show you how to build a sustainable plan the works for your life and your goals. It's what I do for people every day.


The Best Thing You Can Do


Let's sit down for a free consultation in one of our locations around Atlanta or over an online meeting. We want to hear more about your story and in a non-threatening way share our vision for helping you reach your dreams.


Shout Out To My Amazing Wife

My wife and I actually celebrated our anniversary a couple days ago. On our actual anniversary I ran into another guy whose anniversary was the same day. We were both standing by the copier trying to make it work (she knows what a mechanical genius I am).

He was celebrating 4 years, and asked what wisdom I could pass on. I tried not to laugh, because I feel like every day I’m still trying to figure out how to do this thing right. So I told him it was the most challenging thing you could ever do. I told him you’ll basically keep repeating the same argument over and over (with updated settings), and that I imagine we’ll still be having (and she'll still be winning) that argument in our 80’s. I told him nothing has made me more aware of my impatience, and selfishness, and emotional withdrawal than my marriage (and by this point he was clearly sorry he’d asked). And then I told the random copier guy that we still laugh together every day. That our passion for life and for each other has increased. That I still get excited to go on dates. That I know you better than anyone in the world but am surprised and challenged every day by your creativity, your sense of justice, your fearless pursuit of a life that matters. That I fell in love with a pretty girl but am married to a beautiful, powerful woman.

I can’t imagine figuring this mess out with anyone else.

And I think we inspired the copies guy.

Happy 14th Anniversary.