Are You Ready For How Donald Trump Is Going to Change The Market?

Your financial future is important. What does the most recent election mean for your dreams for the next 5, 20, 30 years?

Listen below to hear what the More Than Money podcast believes is an honest look at the financial future you may face.


Get a Full Summary of The Podcast Predicting What Will Happen With Donald Trump


Outside of your political leaning. How will this affect you and your plan to achieve your future dreams?


We have such a divide in our country right now.


CRAZY STAT: Do you realize a candidate has only become President without winning the popular vote 4 times in history, and 2 of them are within the last 16 years?


the market has been fluctuating up and down over the past weeks solely based on Trump's forecasted chances to become President?


The better the odds Trump would win... the worse the market responded.


Then on election night you continued to hear coverage say things like "SMP futures are dropping," "The market is going to be in really bad shape," and "This could be one of the worst market drops in a decade."

Then it happened.

It was over.

And what happened?


All The Predictions Were Wrong!


The market took off and did really well for a few days.


OK, But Now What Does Trump's Presidency Mean For Your Financial Future?


Uncertainty is where you can win in the market.

And no one will argue with you, that right now, we are VERY uncertain.


You need a plan to invest that allows you to win in uncertainty. This is a HUGE opportunity in front of you to invest and attack in a way that will result in big wins.

When the market drops you can really do well (if you have a window of time before retirement.) If you are nearing retirement, your strategy needs to look different than this generic advice.


Your investments should be designed to allow you to do more when the market drops.

Ask yourself: Am I confident in my plan to overcome uncertainty?

You can build a strategy not only to survive instability, but use it for your advantage. The best investors do it.

My team can show you how.