What Is Market Timing? When Is It The Right Decision?

Listen below to hear the latest More Than Money podcast as we have an honest look at "Market Timing" and hopefully convince you to never consider this financial approach.


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If you are a person who has saved, but has never actually invested in the market then you're like my buddy, Jim.


Bad news for Jim... 


Jim invested into the market for the first time in 2008, and loses it all. 


Jim asked me when he should get back in, especially in light of the recent election. This approach is called "market timing."



When you watch the market and think if now is the right time to jump in and invest you are missing it.


There will never be a perfect time.



We mentioned the election, so let's use that as an example.


Advisors felt like Donald Trump would create trouble in the markets.


The markets jumped up! Surprise!

No one could have predicted that!

Market timing is pretending to know what no one knows. And time and time again it proves to be impossible.


What's Better Than Market Timing?
Good question.

Your financial success will be on a route to far greater levels if you determine how much risk you can take and get in the market to the extent appropriate to your risk. (A simple risk analysis can be a game changer.)


If you're waiting, you're missing.


The market crash hasn't happened yet, and now is the time to understand the risk you can take and have a plan to win long term.



Let's review: First understand how much risk you can take. Let that guide your decisions. Make decisions DESPITE waiting on the "perfect time." You be in charge of your success.


Want Help? It's what I do.

I can help you have a plan like Jim that isn't based on hopeful timing, but a plan that brings substantial peace.