Annuities & Screwdrivers - Are They Good Or Bad? And What You Need To Know

Understanding how to use annuities can be vital to your overall success, especially when they are a part of a larger plan that fits YOU. But does it fit you?

Listen below to hear the latest More Than Money podcast as we have an honest look at annuities and if they're actually good or bad.


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Uncertainty seems to be the only thing that is certain. 


It's amazing how even one word in the news today can shift the market dramatically.


So, you need to buy an annuity if you're feeling anxious, right? Annuities have always been the "safe" option. Let's look at this a little further.


Are Annuities Good or Bad For You?


Well, is a screwdriver bad or good? Well it depends on the timing, need and usage.

An annuity isn't going to fix your problems or make you feel better. Even if it is safe.

A screwdriver isn't going to build a fence. Even if it is needed.

If your financial advisor only offers you a product the same red flag should go up as if a roofing contractor only arrived with a screwdriver.


You have to ask yourself: Is it really the best product or is it part of a deeper understanding of my needs, my dreams and my goals?

Your anxiety can't be solved by a single tool.

You need a comprehensive plan.


Don't Be Tempted By Annuities... Actually Any tool... As An Easy Solution. You deserve more.


It's not about the product. It's about the plan. It's about you.

Annuities may by the right tool, and they can be even better when crafted with a plan that fits you. 

I want to show you how.