How To Save As A Couple That Disagrees on Savings Plans

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It's extremely common for couples to disagree on spending and saving. The balance is tough.


Tim Ferris wrote a book called the 4 Hour Workweek. And in it he said a lot of people spend time planning for the future, but spend so much time planning they never get to experience.


The best way to find a balance between your in your husband's different opinion is to set short term and long term goals.


Sometimes when we only set long-term goals we can lose focus on how you actually want to live today.


One thing I like to do with clients is to set short-term goals that they care about. I would highly recommend you sit down together and try to think not only about life in 30 years, but what you dream life looks like in one, two or just three years.


Hope that helps you and your husband find a balance that works.