Reality Check: BIG Changes Are Happening In The Market... Should You Be Excited?

There is so much that is changing!

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In the past weeks following Trumps election...

...we've seen stocks surge!

...the SMP is right over 3% from pre-election.

...we're at the lowest unemployment rate in 9 years!

...and the expectations for growth are through the roof!


We've seen the opposite of the "Doomsday" we were told was coming.


AND, Oil Prices Have Shot Up. Which Means...


There is a HUGE sell off of short term Treasury Bonds, which means there is an expectation for inflation to go up and a stronger economy. Meaning higher interest rates!

Prior to the election interest rates were about 3.5% for a 30 year fixed. We are already seeing a 4.25%.

We've seen interest rates jump almost a full percentage point increase in just the last three weeks!


This has HUGE implications if you are wanting to re-finance or purchase a home!

(And signs look like there will be another increase in short term interest rates.)



Can Stocks, Bonds, Metals, Currencies All Be Your About Trump? Yes.

I read an amazing article from the Wall Street Journal that I completely agree with and I agree that while there is real excitement about the future right now, you must be careful.

We're riding on the second longest bull market in history.

Are we in for an incredible time of continued growth?


Are we running toward an exciting promise?


The next four years may be great, but don't let a false confidence sway your plan.


"History suggests markets aren't that good at judging presidents and Presidents aren't that important to stock prices"

- James Macintosh, Wall Street Journal Senior Markets Columnist


Help For Everyone Still On The Fence About The Market


YES - you should absolutely get in the market.

NO - not because of the excitement.


The roller coster will let you down. You can't ride the rising and falling expectations of what the media predicts will happen in the market. You will lose.


What happens when you have a plan to embrace all the market? You win big.

Most Americans make only 3% because they allow their behavior to govern their plan.

A Good investment plan that ensures you stay in the market would produce a return of 11% over the past years.


More Than Money can help you structure a plan to capture growth and win long term. Let's be sure you don't miss the biggest growth opportunities ever year.

Great plans create great futures.

It's just a fact.


A good plan will benefit your future success and help you reach your dreams.