Why Homeowners Need to Pay Attention Next Week (Especially Dec. 13th & 14th)

Predicting what is going to happen in the market and influence the financial world in the next year is nearly impossible to do with confidence. But, predicting short-term changes in the market is sometimes easier.

Listen below to hear the latest More Than Money podcast as we look at short term interest rates and how long you may be able to enjoy such historically low rates.


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A lot of factors are contributing to inflation beginning to rise (namely Trump, oil prices, and an overwhelming optimism.)


We're only days away from the next federal reserve meeting.


The FED will meet on December 13th and 14th and I have every expectation that they will raise short-term interest rates. 

Where it's not a terrible thing for the overall economy...

it may be a different story for you if you've been wanting to buy a home, sell your home or have been considering refinancing.



The Next Move I Expect Banks Will Make

If you're someone considering a move in real estate, it's important to know rates will soon go up.

AND as rates go up...
banks will begin to offer adjustable rate mortgages again.

Soon, a lot of people are about to jump on ARM rates... is it a good decision for you?


Today's Short Answer on Fixed Rates vs. Adjustable Rate Mortgages


Adjustable rate mortgages offer a fixed interest rate for a number of years, but then the interest rate "adjusts." (Shocking, right?) The low interest rate up front is ALWAYS attractive, but it will... not can... WILL JUMP UP in a few years.

Here's my number one rule in the plans More Than Money creates for people wanting to achieve their dreams: YOUR PLAN MUST BE FLEXIBLE.

ARMs vs. Fixed isn't as easy as saying one is wrong, but if you're not out of the home and get hit with an adjusted rate that can be very tough. Be careful. Plan for it. 


Always build flexibility into your plan.



It's Not All Bad News... Really.


Our team can look at your specific situation and give you guidance on your practical situation as it relates to real estate or your financial plan. In many cases the rising interest rates create some opportunities for new investment instruments to become more valuable.

It's completely free for our team to hear your dreams and help you have an honest opinion on what a good plan to reach them looks like. We would love to help change your future.