Do This & You Can Donate Crazy Generously Without Ever Pinching Pennies

Holidays are a time of giving... right. Giving Tuesday generated more than $116 million dollars online last year. 

Listen below to see how you can give away more money than you ever thought possible. Many of our clients dream to be generous with their money and we love to help them share their wealth and change lives!

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Christmas time is here.

And your budget probably already got the memo. (Especially those of you with big families...)

But many of my clients are focused less on what they may receive this season and more on the ways they can bless others and share their wealth. So...


  1. How do you give generously?...

  2. And not ignore the tax benefits...

  3. But, give really generously.



First, And Most Important, How Much Can You Afford To Give Away To Yourself?


Let me tell you what I actually told someone this past week at lunch. A friend and long time More Than Money client was asking for advice around year-end giving. 

He wanted to know the maximum he could give and still be alright at the end of the year.

Very. Awesome. Guy.


Then I asked him this...


How much have you given to yourself this year?

How much have you given to your retirement?

How much have you given to your legacy?



If you haven't been able to do those things because of your year... You will give away less.



The more you find yourself in a healthy place financially, over time, the more you will be able to give long-term.


If you can give, give.


You can give more in the future, when you take good care of yourself in the present.

You may not be in a place to give as generously as you would want and getting yourself in a healthy place is worth your time.


A Plan For A Stronger Future

You may not know if your plan is going to put you in a place to have a greater impact in the coming years. We can help. Many people we work with dream to give away more generously in the future. 

It is honestly an area of my job I'm most passionate about. We can talk about your specific situation and how to reach the dreams you have for the future.