Your Questions Answered | The One Thing To Teach Kids About Money & Simplifying Fixed-Indexed Annuities

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Phillip Wants to Prepare His Kids for Financial Success

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Schools don't really teach money management, or at least not well. So, what's a practical way to teach your kids how to approach money?

I have three kids of my own (one is actually named Phillip too) and years ago I learned a really cool thing to help them appreciate and understand money and budgeting. This is my best advice and one of my favorite things we've done together.


Kevin Heard of A Way To Grow Money Without Risk

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There is a way to grow money with the rise of the market and never face any risk... but how? Well Kevin is approaching what he's heard with caution and wants financial guidance.

The tool you're talking about is a fixed-index annuity and it has a specific purpose in a retirement strategy. I'll explain the best ways to use it, when not to use it and how to get the most out of it.



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