April's Story: How The Greatest Financial Tools May Be Doing You Harm

Have you ever taken on a large home project? I've recently been forced to take on about 12. It's not fun. If you see me over the next week ask for pictures.

Do you recall how many unique tools you had to use for any home project?


Building Success

Just like in construction each tool in financial planning has its own intended purpose and outside of its role it provides little value. This concept seems intuitive in the construction world but is often overlooked in individuals financial portfolios leading to big risks. Why?

Most people have a misguided view on the strengths and weaknesses of a financial tool based on an experience or recommendation.

That was Amy's story...


How's Your Financial Tool Belt?

If you feel like you haven't saved enough for retirement, there are still ways to maximize your impact. However, just like a construction job, it usually will require more than one "tool" to do it right.