Your Questions Answered | Money Market Accounts + How to Save With No Money + When to Seek a Financial Advisor

Woah! Lots of questions to answer this week -- here are three from Vanessa, Clay and Teressa.


Vanessa doesn't Know The Rules to playing The Stock Market

(Listen in at 00:36)

Vanessa is a really unique client who hates losing money. Crazy! But she is trying to determine when it's appropriate to take risks. How is it possible to move forward confidently and embrace a certain level of risk in the stock market?

The best answer is to pull out the rule book to the game with three simple rules about how to win in the stock market.


Clay's Son is ready to save... Now, where can he start?

(Listen in at 03:45)

Clay, like the awesome parent that he is, is seeking advice for his son who just graduated from college (congratulations). Now he wants to learn what is the best way to begin saving money... when you feel like you don't have much money.

This is a question most parents and grandparents will have to answer at some point.


Teressa is tired of being her own financial hero

(Listen in at 06:17)

Why should Teressa work with a financial advisor? She, like some of my wise clients, asks about fees for advisors and when it's wise to manage your own investments.

How do advisors get paid is one thing, but what's more important is to understand the purpose of a financial advisor. If you listen to one thing on this episode tune into the episode at 07:09.


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