Your Questions Answered | Self-Directed IRA's + 529 Plans + Annuity Options

Bill Asks about Self-Directed IRA's

In an overarching look at self-directed IRAs we diverge in a sad but true rule about retirement: it is boring. I explain why sexy is bad answering Bill's question.


Jackson Asks About 529 Plans

So, Jackson has a baby now. Congratulations! Should you get a 529 plan? There are some great upsides, but there are some downsides that are rarely discussed. Thanks for your question -- it's one that comes up all the time!


Anita Asks About Annuities

No matter what there are laws around annuities in each state. Anita is questioning her decision to get an annuity with her husband and wants advice on if and when she should leave. Financial products are tools, and maybe it could be right depending on your situation and how it is being used.



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