Your Questions Answered | Not Cashing Out on Gut Reactions + The Advice That Hurts + Pension Buy Out Alert + You Left A Retirement Dinner, Now What

It's The Lightning Round!

Every week Chris answers questions sent in on the site or from the people he meets with throughout the week. We like to feature a couple of them on the show with a brief answer that we call our lightning round.


Ashley Asks About Her Reaction to Cash Out

(Listen at 1:20)

When discussing Brexit why not protect your funds through cash options? The headline to her question is looking into market timing. Why your gut reaction my be the worst thing you can do sometimes? We look back to investment 101.


Robert Is Living With Bad Advice From a Broker, Now What?

(Listen at 4:03)

In 2008 Robert reacted to the market based on his advice from his broker. How bad investing wisdom can steer you wrong and the best advice should sometimes hurt.

As a financial advisor we are called to give good advice, but too often it's easier for brokers to give advice that sounds good. Big difference in the two.


Jennifer Has a Question About Her Pension Buyout

(Listen at 7:31)

A lot of pensions are struggling which is forcing their hand and offering a lump sum or reduced monthly income. Without the right context how do you know what is the best decision. As opposed to many questions that can be based on particular circumstances, I have one very direct answer to Jennifer.


Scott Was Invited to A Retirement Dinner, Now He Has Questions

(Listen at 9:55)

Retirement dinner seminar focused a lot on annuities, is this true of most? How should I react? A lot of people bash annuities, but like any financial planning tool it is good for a purpose. 

Before you consider what they're offering, you need to better understand what they are offering and who they are representing to make the most educated decision. Here are the questions you should ask FIRST.