This Historic Shift In "Safe Money" Affects Your Security

If you want all your money to be safe and unaffected by the market where do you go?

Historically, and rightly so, everyone would say the same thing: BONDS.

But because interest rates are so low, bonds are no longer offering the safe return we've been trained to expect.


"Bonds are traditionally viewed as a safe haven, but the new world of bonds have never looked more risky."
 - Wall Street Journal, from "Bond Markets Growing Ever More Bizarre"



So... Where is the Best Place to Go for Safe Money, Today?


You can find great safe money, but you can't do it how it's always been done. Today it requires creativity... and you need to know how, where and where not to find safe money.



Traditional safe money, bonds, are actually increasing your risk. More Than Money radio breaks down "safe money" today, and where you can be most impactful.  Chris shares what he just learned when meeting with one of his favorite couples who are seeing a 10% return!