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Lightning strikes the same place every week on More Than Money Radio. It's always the part of the show that we get the most amount of feedback (good stuff, too) on. So, here is this week's LIGHTNING ROUND!


Randall Asks About Co-Signing A Loan With a Family Member

(Listen In At 01:08)

Randall loves his family and wants to help them succeed in every way he can, but is he hurting himself by co-signing a loan. A lot of financial planners will say yes, but I think there are reasons to consider it.

Chris shares an idea that he has seen make this work!


Kevin Needs to Know If Mutual Funds Or Individual Stocks Are The Right Choice

(Listen In At 02:45)


Welcome to Atlanta Kevin! Great question.

The core of your question is about understanding the upside and understanding risk. There is a clear answer it your wanting strong returns and stability.


Courtney Asks About Practical Solutions For Hard Times

(Listen in at 04:54)


Courtney, first off sorry that you or someone you love is walking through a time that is difficult. I sincerely hope my answer helps and you feel more at peace about your finances.

Now of course making money is fun and exciting, but to create practical solutions that work during hard times the focus has to be on protection. It's time to love protection! 

A good place to start any financial journey is to look into protection move to growth and then resting well is possible.