A Great Time for Mortgages A Bad Time For...

The Bank of England, the English version of the FED, have cut their interest rates to the lowest it's ever been in it's 322 year history.

Why? Well to boost the economy! 

This is great for mortgages...but, not so great for your return on low-risk money.

What are you currently seeing on a C.D.? Or a money-market fund?

This trend of dropping interest rates is historic.


Here's How It Impacts Your Money

We are in a perfect storm for regularly saving people to become more aggressive in order to yield a larger return. And, it's dangerous and worth a few minutes of your time to listen in and potentially save years of hard earned money.


Maybe you're situation is a little bit like Kevin.

Listen in at 3:25.

Here's what I saw with Kevin, and what is happening way too often with people I'm helping to reach retirement is they, and maybe you, are risking a lot. Too many people will hurt when the market turns, but there are ways to plan to protect yourself.