Lloyd Needs to Get Creative, Is Anna Like Everybody Else, and Bob's Wallet is Voting for President

This is the Lightning Round, a weekly segment of the show where we answer questions from texts, meetings with people wanting to reach their retirement dreams and listeners who have called or emailed into the show.



Lloyd is Being Forced To Find Creative Solutions

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Lloyd retired in 2011 and is about to be forced to take funds out.

It's called Required Minimum Distributions and it's the law to take out money. The IRS wants to be sure they get their taxes before... well you kick the bucket.

They are some creative solutions once you take the funds out, but there is no way around pulling them out.


Side note: IRA's aren't often the best thing to pass on to future generations.


Is Anna Asking The Right Questions?

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What is the most common question you get in your first meeting with clients?

Well it's one that when they ask the answer is nearly always different. 


Bob Wants to Know How the Presidential Race Will Affect His Savings

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Regardless of any given election candidate, here is the key: your plan has to work over the decades of political turmoil.

Create a plan that is flexible when the laws change.