3 Hard (But Successful) Ways to Get Full Financial Confidence

Today we are living in the second longest bull market in history, so why do so many people feel uncertain in their financial plan? Confidence and certainty should be at an all time (or ... second) high.


You're Not Crazy.

Did you know the U.S. government poured B I L L I O N S of dollars into the economy to artificially keep interest rates down.

In many ways the growth the economy we see is a house of cards.

So when the people I meet with day to day are battling doubt, worry and anxiously try to convince themselves to think about other things -- their right to. It's hard to overcome self talk consumed with "what if" and rooted in fears.


But it doesn't have to be that way.


In less than 4 minutes, I share Bill and Mary Anne's story.

If you've felt overwhelmed recently, spare a few minutes to listen to Bill and Mary Anne's experience (you'll likely hear similarities you can relate to) and how they discovered financial certainty even in today's market.

Tune in at 4:17 to hear the start of Bill and Mary Anne.




Let me tell you this...

There are two big Realities That Create Financial Doubt and Worry today

1. We live in a world with 24-hour global news that has created an awareness of every problem at breaking speed and causes a greater anxiety within us.

2. The generation currently planning for the future has lost the guaranteed income of pensions the generations before them relied on.


3 Ways to Getting Your Unshakeable Financial Confidence

Without question you need a financial plan. A good financial plan includes these three components. These elements are instrumental in building a financial plan that moves you towards full financial confidence:

1. Look at How You're Invested 

2. Make Research-Based, Realistic Assumptions of Growth

3. Measure Your Insurance Protection


The combination of these three principles put into a collective plan will guide you to a life of financial freedom without worry. Each aspect above is a leg for your plan to stand on and ultimately give you confidence in the future.

If you need help, be like Bill & Mary Anne and get a customized plan.