⚡️ Your Money Questions Answered - Finding Cheaper Term Life Insurance & When To Change Financial Advisors ⚡️

This is the Lightning Round, a weekly segment of the show where we answer questions from texts, emails, and meetings with people wanting to reach their retirement dreams.

In today's clip from the show we feature two questions from our listeners! 



How Do You Know If You've Overpaid For Term Life Insurance? - A Question from Louis 

Listen in at 01:02

After talking with a friend Louis is considering if he should drop a policy based on finding a cheaper price.

First off you need to be sure if you're comparing your price to your friends your evaluating the right criteria to look at it "apples to apples." We'll breakdown the common and uncommon factors as well as things that affect price that are often hidden in the fine print.


How Long Should I Stay With A Financial Advisor That Doesn't Deliver The Returns I Was Promised? - A Question From Julie

Listen in at 4:53

Your portfolio may be down because of a number of reasons.

If you feel like you could be treated better, get a second opinion from a financial advisor. I'd be happy to but any qualified advisor will take a holistic look into your finances and be able to evaluate if your growth is on target.

Then you can either adjust your expectations or investments to ensure you are happy with your returns.