What Is Financial Flexibility and Why You Want It (Part 2 of "How to Get A Strong Financial Plan")

Getting Ahead Today Can Feel Hard (Remember?)

Let's be honest.

Most of us today don't have the financial security we wish we did, but on a larger scale with political changes, ongoing violence and acts of terror most of us don't have much certainty in other key areas of our life too.


All of these changing circumstance create a feeling of insecurity and anxiety. Life just feels harder when you don't know what tomorrow will hold.


In the midst of what we can't control, can we find an anchor for financial peace?



How Do You Find Certainty In An Uncertain World?


1. A Strong Financial Plan Maximizes What Is Under Your Control.


You don't need to work harder. You need to maximize your resources.

We broke this down in more detail in our last post about maximizing your financial plan.


2. A Strong Financial Plan Is Flexible.



I don't know what challenges will come in the world over the next decade, but I know there will be challenges.

So many people tend to rely on IF / THEN financial planning. If your plan only works "IF" everything falls into place, ask yourself if anything in life has ever gone that way.

Flexibility creates liquidity to your funds and the ability to adjust when life happens. Does flexibility mean you're hindering your growth? NO.


The best flexibility actually allows for greater growth, it's insured and it includes long-term care.

Are you dollars giving you as much as they could? Leveraging your money gives you a strong financial plan. 


Get Money Confidence and Reach Your Dreams