⚡️ Your Money Questions Answered - Featuring Our Listeners Sara and Alan ⚡️

This is the Lightning Round, a weekly segment of the show where we answer questions from texts, meetings with people wanting to reach their retirement dreams and listeners who have called or emailed into the show.



Sara Asks About Selling Stock Shares Before Retirement

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Well of course you don't want to have too much of your money in any one or two stocks, but you do have a tax loophole you may not know about.

This tax loop hole allows a step up in cost basis. What does that mean? It means potentially good news for your kids. I'll explain more.


Alan Wants to Know If He Can Handle Financial Planning Himself

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As a financial advisor it's hard to answer without showing my bias. But you would likely be surprised to learn, a number of my clients are self-investors. They come to me for reasons like: income planing, retirement planning, a portion of low-risk management, or a critique and analysis of their financial portfolio.

I'm not the best solution for everyone. But even my self-investors, and other clients, seem to find it helpful.


What Is Your Top Financial Planning Concern?

If you want to meet over lunch or coffee sometime, I'll have an honest conversation with you and you can decide the best decision for you.