The Government Hit Apple BIG & Personal Retirement Plans May Be Up Next

Okay, so Apple is being penalized by the European Union... My iPhone still works no big deal.

But this headline actually does impact you.



The European Union Hit Apple With A $14.5 Billion Bill...

Well what was Apple doing wrong? Well, actually they hadn't done anything wrong for years... until the law changed and retroactively forced Apple to pay a tax penalty (plus interest) for something they had been doing legally! 


This has HUGE Implications Around YOUR Financial Planning


Future government actions and future legislation pose a significant threat to your retirement -- that isn't anything new. But, how can you prepare for something that doesn't exist yet?

If financial planning is a game... The government is the only one with the power to change the rules.


Where You're Most At Risk

There are a few key areas especially at risk that may affect your personal financial plan. Here are two areas that are most wide spread:



Tax laws change regularly. If all your money is in 401k's and IRA's this especially affect you as you've never paid taxes on the majority of your nest egg.

WHAT TO DO: Spread out your tax liability and be sure you're diversified between pre-taxed and tax free options. 


2. Long-Term Care

It's already expensive with often up to $5k-$7k a year. But, long-term care insurance is a likely victim to government changes. The government is already trending to universalized healthcare, and that may include universalized long-term healthcare.


Your Personal Financial Plan

You have to be careful. There are a number of areas we don't have the time to discuss that still affect so many listeners. Those however, I'm excited to share as they're the big two.

I'm happy to sit down with you for completely no cost and review where and if you have unnecessary exposure.

But, most importantly you have to build a plan that is flexible.