The New Year 100 Day Challenge

By April you can have unshakable financial confidence.

Wouldn't that be amazing?

Here's the roadmap I shared on Atlanta's News Radio 106.7 that will help you gain control of your finances.


The Three Steps of The 100 Day Challenge Toward Financial Peace

I think the next one hundred days can change your, your families and, honestly, your future generations' lives. That's not an overstatement. 

Below I don't share the actual steps like I do in the full audio file above, because I want you to hear the reasoning behind the advice.

I think it's valuable to invest just 5 minutes and change your future.

But if you're anything like me... You want to know what you're getting into... even if it's 5 minutes. Because, you're time is important.

So, I'll go ahead give you a little preview:


The first step is a reality check. 

Too often we create lofty goals that are too big for us to handle. The new-years-resolution lifestyle isn't the way to get your budget in order and sustain it.


The second step is focused on actual change.

No dip in the market should ever have the power to derail your plan for the future.


The final step is all about creating habits.

After your first 100 days you may want to do more, of what you've grown to enjoy (aka mastering your finances and watching your savings grow). I'll share with you a strategy to be comfortable with a consistent plan.



Where Will You Be In April?

Same place as today?

Most people will be.

This is the roadmap for a new confidence in your finances. 

It's not hard. I've helped 100's of people do exactly this.

And their lives are changed.

All it requires is, you to take the first step.



Maybe, you're not fully ready...
And That's okay, too.

For those that still want to take a next step, we're giving away a .PDF guide for anyone that wants help reaching financial peace, but needs a tool to help them stay motivated on their own. Get it here >>

This is a really easy tool that puts your goals into perspective.

I hope you find it gives you a sharp focus this year.


Have A Question You Want To Ask About Your Situation?

... or be really bold, scroll back up and accept the challenge to living with financial peace over the next 100 days. Or don't. It's your call.