The Market Is Reaching Unheard of Heights - What Should You Do?

The DOW is above 20,000 for the first time in history! So, what should you do to capitalize on this market milestone?

1. Jump in and enjoy the abundance of growth!

2. Sell! Sell! Sell!

3. Brace for the crash, and then jump in when everything is low.



See how More Than Money advises you react to the current market and move closer to the life you dream.


Don't Get Caught Asking The Wrong Questions

"What should I do? " is a great starting point to lead you to TWO far better questions with immediately practical application for your financial health.




1. Do I know how MUCH RISK I AM TAKING?


Being in the market isn't nearly as important as "how" you're in the market.

How will your financial portfolio respond if the market drops?

The right decision about what to do today, has nothing to do with the DOW being above 20,000 and it has everything to do with your understanding of where you are currently facing risks and what your goals are. 

If you don't know how much risk you are taking, or how to even find out - STOP. It is so important for to know your risk, and we can help. Help me understand my level of financial risk/exposure.



2. Can I stick to it? OR, CAN I AUTOMATE IT?

There's no reason to let your risk increase just because the market increases.

No matter what the market does, can you stick to your plan of the level of risk you need to face? It's not always easy.

The market changes and with it means you need to rebalance your portfolio based on current assessment.


Great News For You

The good news is there are amazing tools to help you both assess the level of risk you need to be taking and to automate changes with the market.