Follow Up: Does That Podcast Affect Me? Real Help Rebalancing Your Portfolio (Stocks/Bonds/Equities)

THE BACKSTORY: After a recent episode where we discussed the fact that our government for the last ten years has artificially kept interest rates low in an effort to build our economy, Brittany emailed in and asked if that applied to her EVEN if she never moved her money.

This is super important.

There are some people who intentionally moved there money over the past 10 years of investing, but there are others (perhaps more) who are affected by this unintentionally. Brittany asked a great question, because it's easy to listen to something and think it doesn't apply to your situation. Thanks Brittany! Glad we were able to email you back and help your specific situation.


Here's What We Explained About Rebalancing Your Portfolio And How To know IF your at risk in 2017 because of suppressed interest rates over the past years


A lot of people are holding risks and don't realize it. If this year holds ANY volatility people, a lot of people, could experience a more extreme loss than they are expecting...

The worst part is they may not realize it. Or may not understand how easy it is to check and be prepared.

Again, thanks Brittany for such an honest email and valuable question.