A Conversation With HIPnation & Will Hall On Healthcare, Insurance and Innovation

Forget Everything You Know About Insurance & Healthcare Before You Go Any Farther

Will Hall has a passion for life and wants to see individuals live healthier, more fulfilled lives. This is an incredibly refreshing message to hear and one that has been desperately missing in the healthcare and insurance world!

As the CEO of HIPnation, Will brings a healthcare model that is rooted in INNOVATION and SIMPLICITY to create a better solution for physicians and patients. Will has been involved in healthcare in a variety of positions, from serving as lead Physical Therapist for the inaugural Cardiac Transplant Team at North Carolina Baptist Hospital to leading more than 150 clinics as Regional Vice President of a national healthcare provider. 

Who is HIPnation? We think you'll enjoy finding out.

Listen to the Full Interview with Will Hall:

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Key Quotes

"You will not believe the savings, when we remove insurance from what it shouldn't cover and only use it for what it should cover."

"We're not insurance, but can be ACA compliant."

"You can argue over the politics of insurance all you want. We're talking about taking care of people. Let's do healthcare, and let's do healthcare really well. Taking great care of patients is apolitical."

"Our country spends more per capita on healthcare costs than anywhere else and we get poorer outcomes. It's a broken system, and it needs to be radically different."

"If we can help you be healthy, help you thrive, you will be a better person. You have to be healthy."



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