Are You Being Aggressive Enough With Your Money?

The stock market is up double digits. It has been now for years.

We've seen a jump of more than 300% since 2009! It's insane. But, are you seeing similar numbers of growth in your account?


If you haven't seen the growth you think is possible in the second longest bull market in history -- maybe you should be more aggressive with your finances.

We discuss this more live from the radio show. Listen in.



It's Important To Track The Right Growth - Here's Where It Matters Most


Go jump on your employer benefits website and see how the growth in your 401k for the year to date measurement. The S&P went up 14%. What did you do?


If it's not 14% -- that's okay, because if you are only tracking against the SMP, you're measuring the wrong thing.


To make the full 14% the S&P experienced, you have to be willing to accept 100% of the risk. What does that mean? From the high in 2007 to the low of 2008 there were over 50% in losses. 

You can earn 14% returns... if you're okay with the risks.



If You're Under 40 You Can Afford To Be Aggressive - You'll Be Better In The Long Run.

If you have at least two decades until retirement a big loss would allow you to buy more and maximize your growth.

We love to encourage young people to be aggressive (With the right plan in place).


If you are over 40 you need to grow as much as possible while not hurting your long-term plan. The short term growth is not worth the long-term risk.



Know Your Total Financial Picture

Don't just look at your investments. It's about...

your income,

your risks,

your assets,

your protection,

and so many other pieces of the bigger picture.


We have access to tools that have just recently existed to predict your retirement. It's amazing.


It's not about how much you are making or how much you are saving.


Your progress towards retirement is a bigger picture than just a number.


Did you know there is a way for your 401(k) and your life insurance to work together to help you reach the dreams for the future?

There is a way your home owner's insurance and those stocks you received from your grandfather to work together in a strategy that gives you what you need for retirement.


Don't accept growth apart from strategy. You have to think BIGGER.


This is the reality, friends!


It's Time to Check Your Financial Junk Drawer


A lot of your financial lives resemble that drawer you avoid in your kitchen. Don't worry I have one too. We all do.


But, it doesn't have to be that way with your financial plan.


My client who wanted to make 14% is now happy to make 6% over the year because her plan includes a strategy. She is on her way to a successful retirement while not stressing over every week's headlines. 



We want you to feel more confident about your plans. Maybe that is through simple advice, showing you some financial tools, or a free consultation.


You can text your name to 855 224-3526 and we can begin to work to answer your question and address your personal financial concerns.


You deserve to reach your dreams and live in peace.