As Heard on CNN: Tax Cuts & Who Should Feel It & When

Chris recently was invited by CNN to explain how the hyped-up tax bill is affecting everyday Americans. 

According to CNNMoney:

  • 60% of CNNMoney readers have seen no extra take-home pay.
  • 11% of readers have seen take-home pay up by between $100 and $199/paycheck.

  • 9% of readers have noted between $200-$1000 extra/paycheck.


In one word: anticlimactic

We are all starting to relate to Clark Griswold in Christmas Vacation when he thinks he can buy a new pool, but in reality, it’s the jelly of the month club. It’s not to say we will never start reaping the benefits of this bill, but as they say, patience is a virtue. 

The future is full uncertainties.

Being able to bring a little bit peace of mind to one aspect of uncertainty in your life is what we are here for. For an extended discussion on this tax cut, listen to a recent podcast as we tackle this over-hyped legislation and make sense of everything you can begin to expect.