Be Confident You Will Retire

How Much Is Enough for (YOUR) Retirement?

What is the basis for knowing that you will be okay in retirement?

I'll always remember one of my wealthiest clients who was a top-level CEO for many years. We sat down for dinner, just the two of us. He looked at me before the meal arrived, and said: "Chris, are you saying I'm really going to be okay? I just don't know."

That moment was powerful. It was a lesson for me. It affirmed that confidence in retirement isn't a number. It isn't a status. It is a plan.

Anxiety is not a symptom of how much you've made or how much you've saved.


If You're Feeling Anxious About Your Retirement...

1. Create A Detailed Income Plan

An income plan to the depth you need is more than a home-made Excel Spreadsheet. 

I have many clients that can create amazing worksheets to project their income, but despite their Excel resume, they can't deliver the depth they need for retirement planning. Why?Because the average person, and many financial advisors, don't have the intelligent software to factor in:

  • Taxes

  • Inflation

  • Early Death in the Family

  • Social Security Changes

  • Long-Term Care Issues

There is actually software that allows you to illustrate the reality of what will happen exactly if any of the "could happens" become a reality and see how it will affect your financial picture. 


2. Make Your Plan Ready To Shift

Things change. You hear it all the time, "Life Happens." It's why the Waze app is amazing and my clutch for Atlanta traffic! 

Yes, your plan needs to be ready for your current dreams, but also it needs to be ready for the life that hasn't happened yet. Life moves fast, and your plan needs to be able to change.

It's funny, some life decisions that can change your financial picture are obvious, but I even had a client call me and ask what would be the long-term impact of him purchasing a new boat!


Listen to The Full Show:

This eight-minute segment from the More than Money show on WSB Radio unpacks how confidence in your financial future is found in details and adaptability. Hear client stories and more on an area we are so passionate about - planning that improves your life.


Key Quotes:

"Our team just invested a ton of time and resources to upgrade our financial projection software from last year to be the most updated tool available."

"Client after client is now living without anxiety."

"Be confident you are moving in the right direction, even when life happens."