Stability Isn't Normal In The Stock Market

Over the last 90 trading days, the S&P has not dropped more than 1%. There has been growth every day.

This isn't normal, and although everyone is excited, here's why I'm nervous:


I Hope I'm Wrong About What The Stock Market Will Do

Every time we've seen a lack of up and down movement in the market, it has been followed by intense volatility. 

Eventually, the market is going to drop. When we investigate why the S&P market is performing how it is... I get even more scared.


What is producing this HUGE consistent market growth?


The market high is based mostly on reactions to words and promises made by President Trump.


That's it.


Some sound bites and rallying cries are all that is creating this surge of growth. 

Now, the market is holding it's breath waiting to see if the promises will all come true.



Are You Holding Your Breath Waiting To See What's Next?


Of course, eventually, we will see a drop. The market naturally has to fluctuate and adjust over time.


But, I think the drop could be big, and history does too.


What impact would losing 15% or 30% have on your overall savings?


Knowing the answer to that question is so important. Two years ago, it would have been good to know, but maybe not imperative, like a before-your-head-hits-the-pillow kind of decision. Today, you have to make sure you are prepared.

There's a way you can rest easy...


With The Right Information, You Can Adjust Your Financial Portfolio To Withstand Market Drops 


If you are close to a major a life event like buying a home, getting married, growing your family, paying for college, global travel or reaching retirement, it's time to be sure your plan is built to withstand a market drop. 

Don't trust the recent growth of your account and believe emotional thinking that you're okay. Because, most likely, if you don't know how much you would lose, it could be significant.

Make a decision today to protect your dreams.

Everyone is anxiously awaiting the drop, but you can rest easy knowing you're okay by evaluating your risk and making the right adjustments.


Our team is happy to help you understand exactly what you need to do.