Could Your Permanent Life Insurance Turn Out To Be Not So Permanent?

Life insurance coverage has been a debate that’s gone on for decades. Need proof? Ask your parents their opinion. 

In this episode of our "Lightning Round," Kyle asks why it seems that his parents are being scammed by their “permanent” life insurance. How can something "permanent" suddenly disappear?


Life insurance wrongly becomes oversimplified into two main categories: right and wrong. This just isn't the case.


Don't allow yourself to oversimplify this tool as a black and white decision of what you need for your financial portfolio. Life insurance has grown to be increasingly complex.

The conversation around the "right" coverage for you is much bigger than it used to be, and the rules of the game are in the fine print.


There are a variety of life insurance options with details that can be easy to miss. Take a minute to make sure you know the exact terms of your insurance policy, or ask someone to help you know before you have to find out the truth the hard way. 

It's not worth waiting and hoping you got it right.

Spend four minutes to listen to Kyle's question and how we advice him to approach the situation his parents have found themselves in.