Counter-Intuitive Financial Wisdom That Works

The current headlines are full of drama, and it's easy to forget that we're doing pretty well in three major areas to gauge growth.

1. The market is up BIG. We are sitting on the seconds largest bull market in history.

2. Housing values are up! It's the third fastest growth in home values in recorded history.

3. Unemployment is at a historically low level.


How do you make the most of this state of financial prosperity? The answer for long-term success is actually counter-intuitive to what most people think and what nearly all of us do. Listen in:


It May Feel Backwards And It's Not Easy


When we experience something for any length of time, we can be tempted to treat it as a new normal.

You can't assume the current market pace and financial reality can continue.

I was talking to someone who was given projections for the next ten years based on the past five years. You can't believe that we can maintain this trend. Actually, you need to believe and act as if it will not last.



If things are going well right now, you need to focus on when they will be going poorly.


Are you using this time of security to set aside money for when things are not going great?


On the flip side, when things are going badly and you want to curl up in a ball, is really the time to buy and invest -- investment options are at a discount.



Are you enjoying the current state of the market, or are you aggressively focused on a strong foundation and the worst of circumstance?


If you are sitting right now without a strong foundation you are putting yourself in a vulnerable spot. 


Is it possible for your specific situation? Yes.


If you don't know how to prepare for the worst and establish a good financial foundation, I can help. You can have confidence in your financial future.