Don't Trust An Accountant For The Best Tax-Season Savings

You may do your taxes on your own. (Equally impressive and crazy.)

Many of you work with accountants... which is a wise decision, until tax season arrives.

What should you look to an accountant to provide you with and when should you seek out a financial planner during tax season?



Your Accountant Is Not A Financial Planner

They are really good at things that financial planners aren't, but if you trust them with your taxes you could be missing out on thousands of dollars and HUGE opportunities to help you out this year and in the future.


Accountants aren't trained to always think creatively about new ways to offset their taxes. 


There are too many stories of people paying thousands of dollars more than they need to, when there are options for savings! 


More Than Money can help to be sure you've done everything you can to maximize your taxes this year.