Doug McCranie - Time Out! How The Best Thing Businesses Can Do Is Get Away (CorpGetaway)


CorpGetaway builds engaged office cultures through effective team building retreats. We sat down with Doug McCranie, Founder of CorpGetaway, who presents how any business can minimize existing stress and better leverage their team. We all know that the 9-5 is dead, so what can make your company culture stand out and come alive? 

CorpGetaway creates a timeline of experiences that better your business using strategically-planned retreats. 

From spending years working on ropes courses and with non-profits, I have a firm belief in the power of team building activities. And have been a first-hand witness to their extreme impact.


In this podcast interview, you will hear:

  • Doug's unlikely story of rising against all odds.
  • The severity of how disengaged the workplace is today.
  • Our cultures tend to accept risk from afar, and the personal battle against it.
  • Shocking statistics about today's workplace.
  • The incredibly thoughtful process that goes into creating impactful getaways. 

Interview Highlights

  • From Admitting Into No Longer Bound to Discovering A Deeper Passion (Listen in at 6:00)
  • The Beginning of Entrepreneurship: An Itch, A Conversation, And A Lot of Mixed Advice (Listen in at +13:00)
  • The SURPRISE of Starting CorpGetaway (Listen in at 28:00)

  • CorpGetaway Creates Environments That Grow Unstoppable Businesses  (Listen in at 36:00)

  • The BIGGEST Banking Mistake Made By Entrepreneurs (Listen in at 42:45)

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Key Quotes


"An engaged workplace is a significantly more productive workplace."


"Bottom line, we kept failing and kept learning."


"As an entrepreneur, there are so many people telling you that the odds are stacked against you. It can be really daunting if you don't have a tight-knit group around you believing in you."


"If I can invest in people on these retreats, I can make an impact."


"Where we've been able to add significant value is taking care of the amount of time and energy that goes into planning a retreat, which is what keeps people from going on retreats and investing in their people."



This Interview Is Part of Our More Than Money Conversation Series


We are financial planners, but we don't believe money will solve the issues people often believe it will. Put simply: More money isn't the best answer to a fulfilling life.


While we are absolutely interested in the financial success of our clients and growing their wealth, we believe we have failed as an organization if we have not equally led them to a more fulfilled life.

We invited Doug because we here so many of our clients describe their team culture being tainted with office politics and ineffective due to poor teamwork. CorpGetaway brings an immediate solution to team tension with longevity. 

We believe in "quality of life".

It is one of the greatest joys of our business to meet with clients, hear their dreams, and then see them live out a plan to achieve their goals.

We are More Than Money because we believe in you enjoying your life AND growing your wealth.

We hope this interview challenges you to place importance on relationships with your team members, to not be complacent with an average work culture, and to know that more can be done to grow your business. 


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  • Want to discuss your story and find a better quality of life in financial confidence?
  • Have something inspiring that is impacting others?

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Thank you so much for your time and insight, Mike!