How to Protect Your Personal Information | Freezing Your Credit

Facebook announced a new security breach today that allowed hackers to access up to 50 million user accounts.

This is another black eye for the social media giant, but far more important than that, how in the world do you and I protect our personal information if industry giants like Facebook and Equifax can’t seem to do so?

How Can I Protect My Personal Information?

Well, one solution just got a lot easier. As of last week, a new law makes freezing your credit free. When you freeze your credit, a lender is no longer able to pull your credit report unless you enter your PIN number. This prevents thieves from stealing your credit even if they have the rest of your data. 

How To Freeze Your Credit.png

Freezing your credit is very straight forward. It means that you put a lock on your credit so that nobody can access it. Nobody can pull your credit file unless they have your personal pin code that you have set up. Even if someone steals all of your data, they can’t access your credit file.

How Do I Freeze My Credit?

Google, “How do I freeze my credit,” and easy instructions will pop up.

In essence, all you have to do is:

  1. Go to each of the credit bureau’s websites.

  2. Click on ‘I want to freeze my credit.’

  3. Set up a pin code.

  4. Freeze it!

Even if freezing your credit doesn’t go 100% of the way in protecting you, it’s a big step in the right direction.

Data breaches will continue to happen because hackers are better than companies at getting into stuff. They’re geniuses. It’s worth taking ten minutes to protect yourself, even on a Friday - because no one else is going to (certainly not Facebook).