How Millennials Are Multiplying Their Money In The Market

First a quick snapshot of today's market: Donald Trump's Presidency means the financial market and your money's future is going to experience changes - major ups & downs.


In financial terms: market volatility is coming.

... and capitalizing on this is key.



Just look at March: we saw a record amount of money flow into the market. 

Then... a drop. And billions of dollars flooded out of the market. 

The problem is that's not how to win big earnings. Listen to this practical advice and start growing your wealth stress-free.


Want the quick takeaway? 

Begin listening at 3:00 in the clip above.

If you can overcome the swell of emotional financial investing, you will see HUGE growth.


When the market drops people run. It's natural and it will never change for the masses, but if you can embrace a different perspective it will mean your financial future will be what you want. Your dreams can be within reach.


Here Is The Two-Step Market Strategy To Multiplying Your Money


STEP 1. Get A Money-Building Rebel Mindset.

You can't adopt this rebellious way of thinking and change back and forth to experience the real growth.

The best earners decide that they are going to buy when everyone else is running away. At the sign of a drop, you have to lean into the same risk that is scaring away the masses.

Drops are coming. And millennials are so early into their retirement planning that they can afford the market adjustments.

Getting advice to do this well is wise. Our team can help you identify the right amount of risk to take and how to invest it strategically for your objectives.

Easy right? Step 1 - commit to buy low and not waiver.




STEP 2. Take Yourself Out of The Equation

Automation is your best friend.

This strategy isn't easy in the moment, but there are ways that you can automate all the transactions to your benefit.

Rebalancing is often done once a year. But, More Than Money offers our partners a chance to enroll in automatic buying that occurs quarterly.  

If you are young you have time to use this strategy for HUGE gains!


Note: If you are close to retirement this strategy can work, but you have to honestly evaluate your risk tolerance and how much you can afford to lose before retirement.


It's Hard. It's Unusual. It Absolutely Works.


Are you in for counter-thinking market strategy and big rewards?

This strategy isn't fit for all, but for most anyone in their 20's, 30's or 40's - this is the best advice I can give you to start growing your wealth.

Maybe your situation is unique. Or, you have a dream for what your lifestyle will be in 30 years from today. If that is the case, then consider discussing your financial plan one on one.

We love to help individuals in every stage of life reach their financial dreams.