How To Avoid Paying The IRS - Great Tax Return Advice

Nobody likes sending a check to the IRS. Truthfully, I hardly enjoy sending a check to anybody outside of TicketMaster.

If you're facing a tax return that demands you owe money - it isn't too late to reduce what you owe or even avoid having to pay entirely. That was the case for a woman I met with this week!



The Only Thing Worse Than Owing Money To The IRS is Writing A Check When There Are Ways Around It


Most Americans get a refund. (If you're a part of the 80% there is a way you can be making more money.)

But, if you are the 2 out of 10 Americans that owe taxes... are you 100% sure there isn't another way?


It's not always possible to lower your tax burden, but you may have a multitude of options that rarely get suggested by accountants or business advisors, especially if you're a business owner.


This Week I Met With The Hardest-Working Entrepreneur In The World - She Can Inspire Anyone 


Let's call her...say...Madison. Here's Madison's story.



Madison is one of the hardest working entrepreneurs I know. Her accountant told her that she was facing multiple thousands in taxes that she needed to pay.

Now, business owners know that paying thousands in taxes isn't terribly uncommon -- Madison accepted the news.

But thankfully I talked to Madison before she filed taxes!


There are specific rules that can help her overcome this insane tax payment. She's worked too hard for her money all year. (Madison kills it every day.) 

In this instance, I was able to move Madison's money from an account that was not being fully leveraged and strategically invest her money in a way that actually reduced her payment of thousands to ZERO.


Honestly, I Wish I Could List and Explain Every Option Available To You

There are too many to begin to list.


There are so many tax beneficial options and financial strategies to consider that I can't even begin to reason with myself to list all of them that apply to the variety of situations. It could overwhelm you, instead let's just talk.

I would rather jump on a brief call, listen to your situation and immediately tell you my opinion if there is something to pursue.


If you want an easy solution. Make a 5-minute call with me for free financial advice about your circumstance, my number is (855) 224-3526.


Please do not write a check until you know for sure you've explored all options.


You can even file a free extension if you need more time to have peace of mind in paying the IRS your money.

Have peace of mind this April, and be sure you spend your money on a life you enjoy, not just writing a check to the IRS.