How To Eliminate Money Stress & Enjoy More of Life's Moments

If you are stressed to make it month to month on your income, or you just are on the spectrum of worry and want some advice, this two-step solution will bring you immediate peace of mind.

This is how I, Chris Burns and More Than Money, advise my clients to eliminate financial stress and live a better quality of life.



Sometimes it just helps to hear someone else's story that you can identify with who is willing to say that life can be hard.


I recently met with a couple by every appearance was successful, but then they bared all and very openly shared their financial struggles.



This client's story may feel too real to many of you.

They are the couple that appeared to have it all.

He had a great job.
They had a great family.
They had sent their kids to college.
They had a beautiful home.
They even had money in retirement savings.

By every outward aspect, they looked like they were living the dream.


But, listen to the wife's words from when I recently sat down in their kitchen together.


"We've been married for more than 30 years. But, we have been stressed over our finances every single month.

We're constantly worried.

We've almost lost our marriage because of the stress we feel. We're desperate."


Some of you know that when you go home you'll have a fight about money... AGAIN! It's tireless and overwhelming.

How can you break out of that cycle!?! Is there hope?

Yes, you can break the crushing financial cycle of stress.




If you are stressed all the time or you're  on the spectrum of being worried at all during your month, this is how you can live with financial peace.


Here's what every family is ready for:


First Step - Build A Liquid Emergency Fund


You have to lay a foundation first. 

Now, cue the collective gasp. Yes. I'm a retirement planner telling you you're not ready for retirement planning.

Before you put a dollar into your savings and 401K, you have to fund an immediate account for when life happens. This needs to be liquid (accessible) money. 


Your plan for the future can't be wrecked by life happening.

Having money ready to access in an emergency fund, will keep you focused on your plan. Emergency funds should be three months of income. It's a lot of money - I know. It's essential to grow your retirement in the long-run.



CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS? A recently published research study uncovered that 25% of individuals reporting between $100,000 - $125,000 annual net salary couldn't afford to pay for a $2,000 emergency.



If you are somebody who is putting money into retirement savings but are still stressed about your future that most likely means you haven't laid the proper groundwork to actually focus on your retirement savings yet.


Step 2 - Grow Your Money But Keep It Within Reach


Now that you have a 3-month emergency fund of liquid funds, it's time you build savings that are also liquid. 

Savings in a ROTH IRA are fully liquid and you can access it whenever you want. The growth of a ROTH IRA account however, you can't access but if you need to pull out money for any reason of what you are depositing - you can! 

Here lies your buffer for life and your biggest tool to living without worry.

Now, the next crisis won't break you. You can wake up tomorrow feeling confident in your financial security.


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That's It - All You Need For More Peace In Your Life

No, you won't suddenly make more money, but you'll change the way you save it.

This two-step plan will work for any family and any budget.

If you think you can't make this work, or it's not possible for your unique situation... you're wrong. 

These are the first two steps I advise all of my clients to set up their personal finances. This creates the freedom and flexibility to reach your investment goals and stop worrying through life.


Do You Still Feel Overwhlemed?

I'll personally show you how you can live differently and remove the stress from your life. This is what we do and bringing more joy to your life is invaluable. Don't worry another month away, but take the steps to live with peace. 

The steps that come after these are for individuals that really want to focus on reaching financial dreams from three years to thirty years from now. If you would like to talk about a strategy that fits your goals, let's jump on a call or meet for coffee.