How To Fix Your Broken Investment Cycle & Finally Make More

It's one thing to know the financial principles of "buy low, sell high." But so many of us act differently and don't even realize we're caught up in emotion. How can you break this cycle that's holding you back from financial freedom?



It Starts By Changing Your Way of Thinking



What I'm challenging you to do isn't easy.

It's a paradigm shift in how you approach your finances.


Stop Believing Market Timing - Turn To A Better Solution


Instead of being swayed to jump into the market when it feels exciting, let's do it when it is strategic. At More Than Money, we approach every client with the same perspective:


1. Based on where YOU are, what level of risk can YOU afford to take.


It's not always about how I can have the most money today.

What risks can you afford to take in order to be in a position to reach your dreams for the future?

Sometimes it's more important to have steady growth than to have confidence you grabbed every dollar possible.

First More Than Money will determine what amount of risk can you take.

This week, I met with a client who has 94% of their portfolio in stock. They are within four years of retirement.

They're going crazy trying to figure out the timing.

When we analyzed their level of risk and what they can afford to lose, we learned quickly they need 50% of their portfolio to stay in fixed money.

The other 50% is still in the market going up and down.


2. Using Proven Principles, we Create Your Strategy


The key isn't market timing.

The key is following the proven principles and rules that work.

Once you understand the level of risk you can endure, we will restructure your financial portfolio to be the perfect amount of aggressive and safe. Then we will continually rebalance your portfolio to adjust to the market and maintain the right level of exposure.

This strategy is the winning formula.


No one has any clue when the market is going to drop. Nobody ever times it right.

The cycle of trying to perfect the double-dutch game of jumping in and out of the market will drive you crazy, steal your daily joy and leave you unnecessarily exposed.

There is a better way to live the day to day and we would love to help you protect your future.