Interview: Grace, "Villages", and Good, Old-Fashioned Hope With Andy Cook

Meet, Andy Cook. 

Well, actually meet Andy, Martha, and more kids than most kids can count! But, we're going to hear more about these beautiful people from Andy.

Cook Fam.2015.png

Andy is the President and CEO of Promise686, an organization that assists families and churches to care for vulnerable children by providing financial assistance, community support, and adoptive and foster care related education. (You probably know about our partnership with Promise686.)

Andy shares the story of receiving a daring text from his wife that changed his life forever, the systems in place around foster care, the holidays for a family of twelve and how life is full of incredible hope when it is rooted around family.

Take the time to listen in and hear an incredibly moving story that speaks to the truths and misconceptions around foster care in georgia.




Key Quotes:

"We want to give people as many opportunities for engagement, even small engagement, as we can so that they get hooked. We want these children to capture their hearts. We want to see hundreds of families wanting to step in to take care of foster care children."
"We look at the church community and think we need to help get them out of their pew, and put them in a place where they can serve. They need a road map to get there and some tools to make it work, and we can help"
"The foster care conversation has historically been about becoming a foster parent, but there are all these other roles. We target communities and invite them to serve. First of all you can do research on your own."
"My baby girl is not a number. She is not a statistic. Someone advocated for her. It wasn't about let's fix the foster care problem in Georgia. It's about actual kids."

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