Is It Worth Investing In A 401k With No Match? (Mini-Episode)

This mini-episode comes directly from a question sent to our team and is part of the show's Lightning Round where we answer your questions.

Listen In & Hear the Answer

Context is everything here, but this answer is relevant for anyone with or without a 401K employer match. We dive into if the 401k is the best use of your personal finances.



Here are the Foundational Things You Need To Do Before You Invest In A 401K


1. Do You Have An Emergency Fund?

We recommend building three months of liquid savings.


2. Open A ROTH IRA

A 401K is pre-taxed. A fully funded ROTH IRA gives you a bigger pile of liquid funds and allows you to withdrawal without penalty.


3. Time to Consider a 401K

But, if you're not getting a match... there still could be better options.


:: This is the plan we recommend to all of our clients seeking financial peace and confidence ::


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