It's Fair To Be Outraged After The Government Spends Like This

Don't you get tired of political party hypocrisy?

I'm finally sounding off on this insanity that is our governmental spending -- what if your personal finances were managed like this? Help. Us. All.

arm wresting match between two parties fighting over money

Republicans have introduced their version of an appeal to Obamacare.

And it's going to be a mess...


It's going to be a mess because it has to be. Without talking about the specifics of the new healthcare plan, just considering the number of people involved it is going to be a mess. But lets focus on the extreme bipolar opinions being voiced and what it costs us. 

This is crazy. Here's what's going on...

Rewind to 2010 when Obama was fighting for Obamacare and republicans were outraged not knowing what it is going to cost.

Paul Ryan (more from him in a minute) said, "Before congress changes healthcare, as the American people know it, we must know the likely consequences of the house democratic legislation."

He's angry.

Now, let's look at today's situation.

Isn't there a new health care plan being proposed that has no budget approval?

Paul Ryan must be furious!

A second time of facing these ludicrous decisions!

Here's how mad Speaker of The House Paul Ryan is now... brace yourself.

Paul Ryan said we have to move forward and will know more about the total cost around the healthcare reform before the final vote.


Huh, Where's the Angry Paul With Righteous Indignation?... 

Oh! It's gone because he and his party are in power.

Hhhmmm... seems to be the exact same situation, but with a different majority party in power and a HUGE flip on the stance the party is taking on the issue.

Friends, it is literally is the exact same scenario.


Congress Has Absolutely No Restraints & Our Children Will Pay For It

There are no standards to follow. The people impacted by this out of control spending of congress are your children and grandchildren.


The Math Absolutely Doesn't Work!


We continue to push hard policy choices off... and they just continue to grow into larger burdens.

Do we need changes? Yes.

Is Obamacare perfect? No.

Will this drastically impact our children and grandchildren? It has to.


The government is putting on a terrible example of spending. With that, I hope you recognize the importance of doing the exact opposite in your own personal finances.

That feels good to get some frustration off my chest.


Here's a fun question:

What do you think your personal finances would look like if you acted like congress? 

Scary thinking.