What Can The Lottery Teach You About (The Secrets to) Financial Success?

Did you know your chance of winning the lottery is 1 in 303 million, and you actually have a better chance of being killed by a swarm of bees? Well, a convenience store in South Carolina, sold the sole winning ticket for the $1.5 billion Mega Millions jackpot yesterday. This is the biggest single-winner lottery payout in U.S. history.

No one has yet claimed the winning ticket… but whoever they are, they’re worth two Taylor Swifts apparently. Listen to how the lottery holds lessons about ourselves, our money, and our peace of mind.


The lottery can teach us a lot about ourselves

Maybe you don’t play the lottery and think this doesn’t pertain to you; however, a lot of us are following this same philosophy. We’re looking for a way out.

I see this same philosophy in people who are late with their investing. Maybe you’re in your 50s right now and haven’t invested like you wanted to. You haven’t saved much money and here you sit, 10 years from retirement and the panic starts to set in. Yo start looking for a way out.

What happens next? You become super aggressive.

This is unbelievably common. A significant amount of people that walk into our office are living this out right now. Living in fear and feeling like they have to be super aggressive.

If you followed this philosophy of being super aggressive starting 2009, you would be in a great situation right now. The flip side of that is, you have just as much of a chance of ruining any chance of retirement when the market decides to drop.

Stop gambling with the stock market

Stop playing stock market as if it’s the lottery, picking the hottest new stocks and looking for a way out. There is no easy fix.

We would all love to be the first person to invest in google. How great would it have been to be friends with Steve Jobs right as he was starting Apple? Sadly, that’s pretty much never going to happen. It’s the same 1 in 303 million possibility.

If your plan only works by some random trick of fate, that isn’t good enough! You’re worth more than that. Your dreams are worth more than that. They’re worth planning.

Financial success = Trading in Your Anxiety for Peace in life

We believe financial success is more than, but not void of, accumulating wealth. Success means you are able to enjoy your life, live with confidence, and achieve the dreams you have for your future unhindered by financial constraint. How can you live with financial success? A strong plan.

Sitting down and making a financial plan might sound terribly painful, but I promise it’s more exciting than you think and its benefits are ENDLESS. It’s truly the best gift you can give to yourself.

Imagine your life with peace.

I can’t begin to describe to you the difference we see in clients’ live when they trade their worry and uncertainty for an actual plan that’s built to work and guide them to their dreams. That feeling is worth so much more than throwing your money towards the lottery and wishing things would change in the flash of an eye.

Sit down and be intentional with your plan. You’re worth it.

Your dreams are worth it. Don’t gamble with your future.