Master the Balance of Market Timing & Have Confidence

The market has been down for four weeks in a row now. Should we be concerned that the longest bull market in history could be coming to an end?

Recent History Has Created “Investment Experts”

Since last year, we have seen a period of constant growth in the market and it has made us complacent. This great market has birthed “investment experts” whose portfolios keep going up and up! But we need to offer warning more than congratulations! Just because everyone’s portfolios are up doesn’t mean anyone is well invested.

Most people listening are more aggressive than they realize and their plan can’t handle an eventual drop. Market timing could be the solution. Listen in and hear how you can build the future you want:

Market Timing Is Tricky, Because It Doesn’t Work

So the market is in a downward trend right now… Do you wait for it to go back up?

Is now the right time to get back in? Should I wait three more months? Should I wait til it drops a little before putting my money back in?

Handle The Risk.png

The short answer: NO.

Whether next week the market shoots up again and we hit new records or it tanks and we finally hit that first bear market in a decade… regardless of any of that happening we pick a risk you can handle and stick with it.

Stop asking, “Is now the right time?” and start asking, “Is my portfolio built in a way that my plan can handle this risk?”

Confidence Is Found In Plans Not Gut Feelings or Market Timing

You'll never have confidence and peace based on your gut of what the market is going to do. The market is unpredictable! The only way you will have confidence is through a strong financial plan.

A plan expects a drop, it anticipates growth and it isn’t phased by either one. We build financial plans based on the amount of risk you can take to REACH YOUR GOALS FOR THE FUTURE.

A strong financial plans starts with identifying your goals and dreams. When we know the destination we can build a plan to get there that involves all aspects of your finances.

The goal of financial planning is confidence and peace in where you are going. If you’re constantly asking when you’re going to jump in and out of the market, you’re constantly living in doubt and in fear. There’s a better way, friends.