Quick Advice - The Rule of Age vs. Investment

Well Friends, we’re in rare territory!


Following President Trump’s speech to Congress Tuesday night the Dow is over 21,000. This ties for for the fastest thousand point jump IN HISTORY.

It’s fun to watch your investments shoot up, but with the market so high how do you know if you’re taking too much risk?

There’s a classic concept in investing that the general level of fixed money in your portfolio - money not as affected by drops in the market - should be a percentage similar to your age.


If you’re 60 years old, then roughly 60% of your money should be fixed.


While this can vary widely based on your specific situation, it’s a fine starting point for judging the level of risk you’re taking.

Quick word of advice: with the market so high, now is the time to double check that your age and investment strategies line up. 


Here’s to a Better Quality of Life, regardless of what the market throws at us,

Chris Burns