The 100 Day Challenge Revisited - Securing Your Financial Dreams

No matter what you think about Trump we all agree on one thing that he is unpredictable.

The markets have responded to his unpredictable announcements.

Here we sit, 100 days into his Presidency. What happened? What will happen? How can you be best prepared so that your future looks how you dream it will?




Trump's Presidency has industry leaders looking for advice. I had a financial advisor call and ask me for help on how to invest his clients with the market right now.


The issue was he continued to deal with is that he was looking at the current market.

He wanted to see his client's do well and was nervous about the timing of the next drop and if his clients would experience a severe loss. That's the wrong perspective to win in the long-term and has client's won't feel peace in their financial plan.

To win in your personal finances during Trump's presidency, it is about understanding your risk and risk tolerance.

Not only will you be on track to grow your wealth, but you will have incredible peace in your life.

Do You Know Your Risk Tolerance?



Understanding your risk tolerance is the first thing we do with our clients to be sure no drop in the market puts your dreams out of reach.


In the radio episode/ podcast above, we share Amy and Andy's story and how we adjusted their portfolio to help them reach their goals for retirement.

Now they have a plan that is structured for any market drop, they're prepared if one of them were to pass away and they know exactly what to do to succeed.


It's about the quality of life you live with every day.


Don't live in stress during these volitale times. Everything could continue to do amazingly, but the only way to be confident in your finances is to first understand the amount of risk you can endure.